School Work Concerns

BEISD understand that not all students have a device or access to the internet. If you have concerns about not being able to do online work then email the principal of your child's campus. The are willing and want to help. Click on the principal's name below to email them:

Elmentary/Intermediate  Sharon Johnson

Junior High Mike Hawkins

High School Joe Woodard


BEJH Parents & Students:

The junior high school staff met this week and decided on our grading procedures for this "unprecedented" spring semester:

The 4th 6 weeks:  This 6th weeks was completed, and those grades will hold.

The 5th  6 weeks:  Students were in school for the first 3 weeks before spring break. That 3 week avg. will hold, but for the rest of the 5th 6 weeks, extra credit will be given for the work your student has been doing since spring break in their core classes. The extra credit range is 1 - 15 points added to the average, so that can make a positive impact on the 5th 6 weeks overall grade.  Non-core classes will hold with the grades given the 3 weeks we were in school as the 5th week average, unless the teacher decides to award extra credit.

6th 6 weeks:  Teachers will take the higher average from the 4th 6 weeks or 5th 6 weeks and that will be the beginning average for the 6th 6 weeks, along with more extra credit, 1-15 points, added to that average, depending on the amount of work your student completes.

We have researched strategies other schools are utilizing and agreed that this is the fairest and most successful way to award JHS students deserved credit during this crisis.  Our school board agreed and accepted this grading procedure for spring 2020.  

Please reach out to your core teachers if you have any specific questions in their classes.  Otherwise feel free to email me at any time!

Hope you all are staying safe.  We miss our students and wish them the very best during this challenging time.

Locker cleanout and award pick up will be on 5/19/2020 from 9-12 and from  5-7.  You will be allowed 5 minutes to gather your things.  Please follow CDC guidelines regarding social distancing.  We are required to limit the number of people in the building, so please limit it to parents and student only.

Thank and be safe,

Mike Hawkins