• UIL Academics Spring 2021 Meet Conference

    2A District 17

    Final Results

    School                            Points

    Bruceville-Eddy HS          580

    Crawford HS                    564

    Bosqueville HS                207

    Rosebud-Lott HS             149

    Moody HS                        90

    UIL Regional Qualifiers

    Accounting – 2nd Place Team:  Larryn Rooks, Chris Martinez, Mykenzi Olivares, and Shylah Ward

    4th Place – Larryn Rooks

    6th Place – Chris Martinez

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Faulknor

    Calculator Applications – 2nd Place Team:  Gretchen Nantz, Larryn Rooks, Kolby Stogner, and Nicholaus Squyres

    1st Place – Gretchen Nantz

    5th Place – Larryn Rooks

    Sponsor Mrs. Love

    Computer Applications:

    1st Place – Mason Galyen

    2nd Place – Sydney West

    3rd Place – Gavin Miller

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Saucedo 

    Computer Science – 2nd Place Team:  Colby Tolbert, Vincent Meador, Brody Butler, and Nicholaus Squyres

    2nd Place – Colby Tolbert

    6th Place – Vincent Meador

    Sponsor:  Mr. Range

    Current Events – 1st Place Team:  Vanessa Zapata, Lastin Madson, Dallas Mace, and Isabelle Godwin

    4th Place – Vanessa Zapata

    5th Place – Lastin Madson

    6th Place – Dallas Mace

    Sponsor:  Mr. Luna 

    Literary Criticism – 2nd Place Team:  Shianne Andrews, Vanessa Zapata, Camryn Trevino, and Justin Kennedy

    3rd Place – Shianne Andrews

    5th Place – Vanessa Zapata

    6th Place – Camryn Trevino

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Mauney-Rooks

    Mathematics – 1st Place Team:  Colby Tolbert, Allissa Rodriguez, Larryn Rooks, and Tom Cacciatore

    1st Place – Colby Tolbert

    2nd Place – Allissa Rodriguez

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Shoppach

    Number Sense – 1st Place Team:  Colby Tolbert, Allissa Rodriguez, Tom Cacciatore, and Morgan Myers

    1st Place – Colby Tolbert

    4th Place – Allissa Rodriguez

    6th Place – Tom Cacciatore

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Love

    Ready Writing:

    2nd Place – Shianne Andrews

    5th Place – Hannah Moffett

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Morgan

    Social Studies – 2nd Place Team:  Daniel Loftin, Tytjana Horne, and Nolan Enstrom

    6th Place – Daniel Loftin

    Sponsor:  Mr. Lantz

    Spelling and Vocabulary – 2nd Place Team:  Camryn Trevino, T’Anna Horne, Kalli Speasmaker, and Zoey McGee

    1st Place – Camryn Trevino

    5th Place – T’Anna Horne

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Morgan

    Journalism – 1st Place Team:

    Copy Editing:

    1st Place – Shianne Andrews

    2nd Place – Emiley Carnes

    Editorial Writing:

    3rd Place – Emiley Carnes

    4th Place – Hannah Moffett

    Feature Writing:

    2nd Place – T’Anna Horne

    4th Place – Shianne Andrews

    5th Place – Morgan Myers

    Headline Writing:

    1st Place – Laci Baldwin

    2nd Place – Loryn Kellum

    3rd Place – Hannah Moffett

    News Writing:

    1st Place – Emiley Carnes

    3rd Place – Sydney West

    5th Place – Emily Warrick

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Saucedo

    Speech – 1st Place Team:

    Informative Speaking:

    1st Place – Kade Illian

    2nd Place – Maddie Pike

    Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

    1st Place – Kade Illian

    2nd Place – Emily Craven

    3rd Place – Maddie Pike

    Persuasive Speaking:

    1st Place – Emily Craven

    2nd Place – Gretchen Nantz

    5th Place – Makenzi Moss

    Poetry Interpretation:

    3rd Place – Mollie Meadows

    4th Place – Tytjana Horne

    Prose Interpretation:

    4th Place – Makenzi Moss

    5th Place – Brianna Waldrop

    Sponsors:  Mrs. Terry and Mrs. Mauney-Rooks