• Congratulations to our BEHS Academic UIL Team for competing successfully at the Regional Meet at Panola College in Carthage this past weekend. 

    We are especially proud of the following Speech and Debate competitors who made it to Finals:

    Praylee Young-6th Place in Prose

    T’Anna Horne-4th Place in LD Debate (State Alternate)

    And, special congratulations to Emily Craven-3rd Place in LD Debate (State Qualifier)

    Emily will be competing at the State UIL Meet on the UT Campus in Austin May 24th and 25th.

    BEHS Regional UIL  

      UIL Prose 2022           UIL LD 2022

    Congratulations to All BEHS Students and Sponsors

    for earning 2nd Place Overall Sweepstakes with 583 Points at the 2022 District UIL Academic Meet

    Mrs. Terry’s Prose and Poetry Performers and Mrs. Mauney-Rooks’ Extemporaneous Speakers and LD Debaters take top spot as District Champion Speech Team with 193 points:  Emily Craven (1st LD and 1st Persuasive), Aureli Betancourt (1st Informative and 2nd LD), Andrea Guerrero (2nd Informative), Ross Godwin (2nd Persuasive), Praylee Young (2nd Prose), Nolan Enstrom (3rd Informative), T’Anna Horne (3rd LD), Carly Enstrom (4th Prose), Tytjana Horne (4th Persuasive and 5th Poetry), and MyKenzi Olivares (Poetry).

    Mr. Range’s District Champion Computer Science Team:  Brody Butler (1st), Nicholaus Squyres and Colby Tolbert (tie for 2nd), and Jacob Hill (5th), Sophie Meador, and Morgan Myers.

    Mr. Campbell’s District Champion Mathematics Team:  Noah Wylie (5th), Colby Tolbert (6th), Hannah Moffett, and Dylan Gagnon.

    Mrs. Saucedo’s students take the District Championship in Computer Applications:  Sydney West (1st), Mason Galyen (2nd), and Noah Wiley (4th).  And, earn honors as 2nd place Journalism Team:  Sydney West (1st News), Emily Warrick (2nd News), Kaleb Abilez (3rd News), Hannah Moffett (3rd Copy Editing and 4th Editorial), Cynthia Mattox (4th Feature and 6th Headline), Nicholaus Squyres (4th Headline and 5th Feature), T’Anna Horne (6th Copy Editing and 6th Feature), and Andrea Guerrero (6th Editorial).

    Coach Allison’s 2nd place Accounting Team:  MyKenzi Olivares (3rd), Tayce Baker and Hunter Carter (tie for 4th), and Larryn Rooks. 

    Mrs. Love’s students earn honors as 2nd place Calculator and Number Sense Teams:  Colby Tolbert (2nd Number Sense), Larryn Rooks (3rd Calculator), Kolby Stogner (5th Calculator), Shylah Ward (Calculator), Tayce Baker (Calculator), Hunter Carter (Number Sense), Morgan Myers, and Nicholaus Squyres (Number Sense).

    Mr. Luna’s 2nd place Current Events Team:  Dallas Mace (4th), Lastin Madson (6th), Isabelle Godwin, and Daniella Perez. 

    Mrs. Mauney-Rooks’ 2nd place Literary Criticism Team:  Tytjana Horne (5th), Sydney West (6th), Colby Tolbert, and Andrea Guerrero.

    Mrs. Morgan’s students earns honors in Ready Writing:  Dylan Gagnon (2nd).  And, place 3rd as Spelling Team:  T’Anna Horne, Kalli Speasmaker, Payton Pearson, and Zoey McGee.

    Mr. Perryman’s Science students place 4th as a Team:  Noah Wiley, Mason Galyen, Aden Esparza, Isabelle Godwin, Hannah Moffett, and Armani Buri.

    Coach Adcock’s Social Studies students place 5th as a Team:  Zach Johnson, Jaiden Saul, Lauren Ehler, and Tytjana Horne.

    UIL 2022 !   UIL 2022 2

    UIL 2022 3  UIL 2022 4


    Congratulations to Mrs. Morgan and Our BEHS One-Act Play Cast and Crew, who competed successfully at Bi-District Competition yesterday in Corsicana and will be advancing to Area Competition Thursday, March 31st in Hillsboro.  Special Congratulations to Hannah Moffett for earning one of only two Top Performer Awards, to Nicholaus Squyres for earning an All-Star Cast Award, to Sophie Meador for earning an All-Star Cast Honorable Mention Award, and to Hannah Finley for earning an All-Star Crew Award for music and sound effects.

    Additional Cast Members Include:  Carly Enstrom and Morgan Myers
    Additional Crew Members Include:  Destini Anguiano, Tayce Baker, Brody Butler, Kamryn Cuevas, Isabelle Godwin, Lizbeth Gutierrez, Zoey McGee, MyKenzi Olivares, Larryn Rooks, Colby Tolbert, and Praylee Young
    HS OAP1
    BH OAP 2


    BEHS District Cross-Examination UIL Meet

    Congratulations to our BEHS Cross-Examination Debate Teams, who kicked off our District UIL Academic Competitions!
    Our teams placed in the following order:
    Andrea Guerrero and Colby Tolbert - 1st Place
    Larryn Rooks and Tye Eaton - 2nd Place
    Ross Godwin and Nolan Enstrom - 3rd Place
    Sydney West and Tytjana Horne - 4th Place
    Special congratulations to Andrea Guerrero and Colby Tolbert, who tied for Top Speaker of the Meet.
    Bruceville-Eddy CX Debate Teams earned a total of 68 points to be added at the District Academic Meet in March. Crawford placed 5th-7th and earned a total of 19 points.
    Congratulations to Sponsor Mrs Mauney-Rooks as well!
    A GREAT Day to be an Eagle!!!
    CX UIL 2022


    UIL Academics Spring 2021 Meet Conference

    2A District 17

    Final Results

    School                            Points

    Bruceville-Eddy HS          580

    Crawford HS                    564

    Bosqueville HS                207

    Rosebud-Lott HS             149

    Moody HS                        90

    UIL Regional Qualifiers

    2021 UIL Academic Results