Mrs. Cindy Randolph



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Mrs. Cindy Randolph

Welcome to my class! We are about to embark on a learning adventure together! By the end of the year I hope you will have broadened your horizons, grown in your ability to communicate in Spanish, and found it to be a worthwhile use of your time.

My journey learning Spanish started when I was an adult. I grew up in a time and place with zero hispanic influence. I started learning Spanish when my husband and I were called to be missionaries in Argentina. I attended language school for one year in San José, Costa Rica. (My husband was already fluent, and our children learned it in child care at the school.) Upon completion, we moved to Buenos Aires province in Argentina where we lived for seven years.

I discovered that I really enjoyed communicating with and learning from people that had a different background than me. It enriched my life immensely and I'm thankful for the opportunity. When we returned to the United States I started teaching Spanish. I look forward to our shared journey in language and culture learning this year.